Research plays a crucial role in all phases of our investment process from acquisitions to dispositions.

In-house and collaborative research underlies nearly all of our investment decisions. We write and produce several research documents on a regular basis. These publications are used to educate potential investors, while keeping our current clients informed of topics that may be relevant to their portfolio.



July 2021: Will the current resurgence in inflation bode well for timberland performance?

As the United States and other developed economies emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, inflationary pressures have resurfaced accompanying the strong economic rebound. U.S. consumers have regained their confidence, leading to a resurgence in demand for goods and services.


June 2021: Lumber and Wood Panel Prices are Experiencing an Unprecedented Surge due to a Convergence of Unique Demand and Supply Events

The Covid crisis has triggered a huge rebound in residential construction activity, including both new construction and repair and remodeling of existing homes. The Covid lockdowns, school closures and an accelerated shift to working from home fueled the need for expanded/reconfigured living space to accommodate a much more home focused lifestyle.


March 2021, Timberland Investor: U.S. Timberland Returns Remain Subdued but Stable in a Turbulent 2020

NCREIF reported the U.S. Timberland Index posted a market value-weighted 0.81 percent in 2020, a decrease of 49 bps from 2019. Across the major U.S. regions, annual returns ranged from –4.75 percent in the Northwest to +2.91 percent in the Lake States. As in prior years, we devote our fourth quarter issue of the Timberland Investor Report to a review of NCREIF’s year-end report of the return performance of U.S. private timberland properties.


February 2021, Timberland Flash Report: New Administration’s Economic and Climate Priorities Bode Well for U.S. Timberland Sector in 2021

The U.S. forest product sector and timber demand entered 2021 with strong forward momentum. Housing starts were at the highest level in 19 years, softwood lumber prices reached all-time highs, and prices for softwood sawlogs were trending higher. The tailwinds for the timber sector that were developing in much of 2020 should gain some added support from policy initiatives that the incoming Biden administration are
considering achieving post-Covid recovery of the economy and the job market.


January 2021, Timberland Investor Report: Catastrophic Natural Events Impacting Timberlands

Timberland investments are inherently exposed to natural elements – weather, pests, fires and other extreme natural events.


October 2020, Flash Report: Fire in The Forest Landscape

Over the past year, extensive global media coverage of wide-spread, cataclysmic wildfires in Australia (November 2019 – February 2020) and in the U.S. West (August 2020 – October 2020) have raised questions among timberland investors whether these fires are isolated, infrequent events or whether we are witnessing the emergence of a trend of rising fire risk for commercial forests.


October 2020, Q2 Timberland Investment Report: Unexpectedly Strong Recovery in Housing and Forest Products Bodes Well for Post-COVID Timber Markets

An explosive rebound in construction activity and solid wood products markets is helping lead the U.S. economy out of the COVID-downturn. An unexpected combination of surging new home construction and home remodeling coupled with tight supplies has boosted solid wood product prices to record levels.


June 2020, Natural Resource Flash Report: Timberland-Farmland: Resilience under Uncertainty

After nearly three months since the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a pandemic on March 11th, 2020, enough statistical economic information has accumulated to start gauging the tolls on global economic activities during the pandemic so far.


June 2020, Timberland Investor Report: Cautious Optimism for U.S. Housing

The key economic driver of timber demand and values is residential construction activity, including both the construction of new homes and repair and remodeling of existing units. U.S. home building statistics for March and April charted a severe setback for home construction as the disruptive economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic rippled through the sector.


May 2020, Flash Report: COVID-19 Impacts Across the Forest Sector

COVID-19: Impacting U.S. Forest Product Markets
With North American markets for forest products and timber rapidly adjusting to the sweeping changes precipitated by the COVID-19 crisis, HNRG and other timberland managers are reviewing and revising short-term return expectations and operational plans.

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